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** = productions cancelled due to COVID-19

  • Wendy and Peter Pan

  • Hang In There

  • I Love You and It Hurts

  • Into the Woods 

  • Joan/Jehanne

  • History of Visual Sources 

  • The Zoom Diaries

  • To See and Be Seen

  • Jane Doe **

  • Motherhood **

  • now & them

  • Honey Lemon Green Tea

  • Jawbone

  • The Girl in the Photograph

  • Fragile Filigree Love

  • Titus Andronicus

  • The Crucible

  • La Cama Cósmica

  • Tactile Maladies

  • Touch

  • Polaroid Stories

  • The Taming of the Shrew

  • Pan’s Theatre

Assistant Director (Dir. Thomas Morgan Jones)



Associate Director & Dramaturge (with Lee Stone)

Co-Director & Dramaturge (with Lee Stone + Cara Rebecca)
Associate Director (Dir. Jani Lauzon)



Co-Director & Dramaturge (with Rochelle Ellar)




Assistant Director (Dir. Andrea Donaldson)

Associate Director (with Victoria Urquhart)


Assistant Director (Dir. James Wallis)

Assistant Director (Dir. Michael Goldstein)


Associate Director (with Nawi Moreno)



Assistant Director (Dir. D. Jeremy Smith)



Stratford Festival 

Nightwood Theatre - Groundswell Festival

Theatre of the Beat

Dead Name Theatre

Hamilton Fringe; Calgary Fringe; E2E Festival

Ergo Arts Theatre - Ergo Pink Arts Fest

The Assembly Theatre - Operation 24

The QuaranStream Festival

Low Hanging Fruit - Toronto Fringe Festival

Alumnae Theatre - New Ideas Festival

The Assembly Theatre

VCDS - UofT Drama Festival

Nightwood Theatre - Groundswell Festival

Chameleon Prod. - Toronto Fringe Festival

InspiraTO Festival

Hart House Theatre

Hart House Theatre

Aluna Theatre - CAMINOS Festival

Seven Siblings - Future Theatre Festival

UC Follies - UofT Drama Festival

Trinity College Drama Society

Driftwood Theatre 

WINDS - UofT Drama Festival


  • Talking to Dead Cats in the Night

  • 2021 - 2022 Write from the Hip Program Associate

    • As a Former Fat Kid

    • A New Britney

    • Missnomer

    • Black Masks

    • Just Us

  • Chew

  • Deconstructing Dramaturgy Workshop

  • A Brand New Sky

  • The Green, The Gold, The Gray

Dramaturge (written by Kiera Publicover)

Assoc. Dramaturge (with Donna-Michelle St. Bernard)

written by Stephanie Fung

written by Merlin Simard

written by Jillian Welsh

written by Omolola Ajao

written by Juliet Jones-Rodney

Youth Dramaturgy Facilitator (written by Sarah Lazare)

Dramaturge & Facilitator (w/Donaldson & St. Bernard)

Dramaturge (written by Sai Lian Macikunas)

Dramaturge (written by Liam McConnell)

House + Body Theatre - Workshop

Nightwood Theatre

Project: Humanity - Workshop

Nightwood Theatre

UC Follies - Workshop

SMC Troubadours

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